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Interested in Joining us?


Don't worry if you've never done Karate before - our club Instructors have experience in teaching beginners of all ages.

Our aim is to help students to progress and achieve their own personal targets.

Many of our students practice Karate for many different reasons, some to get/keep fit, some for self defence, some people enjoy meeting new friends and others enjoy training with us to improve self confidence and self esteem. Parents and teachers often comment on the improvement in the behaviour of children who train regularly. As for Adults most of them are apprehensive about starting training. They usually state they are "too old to start" or not fit enough. One of the many benefits of Karate training is that your fitness and health will steadily improve.


What do I need to start?

All you need is a pair of tracksuit bottoms or loose fitting trousers and a t.shirt.


What is the cost involved?

A Gi (Karate uniform) can be purchased from our chief Instructor (Sensei Rob Welsh) once you are sure you want to continue training. There is no pressure.

A Licence which is renewed annually.

Training fee (Pay as you train). Family discount available.

Membership is free if you have one of our leaflets (Leaflet can be obtained from any Club Instructor)


Tamworth Shotokan Karate Club is currently taking new members, if you have an interest in learning Karate or have a question about any of the above please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you.